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▼▼▼Fantasy Squad W▼▼▼・Official service is launched in United states

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Requires android
Android 4.1+
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Updated on
Feb 5, 2023
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Fantasy Squad W Game

■Celebrate! The official service start!< br>【pre-registration perks giveaways in!]< br>・star 5 Plastic body x 2 bodies
・jewels 500 pieces(11 take minutes!)< br>
< br > kyoshin game,adventure action RPG!< br>wonders of the wall, had been closed away,the spirits and the various peoples that live in the"new world"there was.< br>development and production of this element, from the adventurers during the fight you PvP element,it's all here!< br>The Adventures proceed,a lot of peers increase, the"new world"couldn't!< br>
< br >
< br > [game introduction]
< br >
< br > ■kyoshin summon and fight to
kyoshin appears that the"new world"of adventure now begins.< br>powerful enemies before,kyoshin game, fighting you!< br>
< br > ■50 million of units(the Quad)
< br > for a specific character to each other in the troops to organize a powerful"chain skills"is activated!< br>a favorite of the troops together on an adventure before us.< br>
< br > ■equipped with fabrication strength to grasp it
get adventure for recipes and materials in powerful weapons and armor can be created that way!< br>
< br > ■5-on-5"rumble battle"in the strength against your
adventurers between their troops strength while leveling up and unlocking different Wallpapers and outfits to satisfy your unique taste.< br>most of the characters in the fight,what in the order of battle, and
opponent's tactics and strategies in reading win this!< br>
< br >
< br > [list]
< br >
< br > long ago.< br>the world of the North is a huge"wonder wall"covered with you.< br>when there occurred massive earthquake, with the effect of the wonders on the walls of the large cracks, resulting in
The Kingdom of Knight"Aiden"led by the inspection team the investigation headed.< br>however, they penetrate and the crack is closed,no one hadn't come.< br>
< br > then a few years later.< br>again a major earthquake occurs,cracks in the walls arose.< br>Aiden's brother"line"Aiden whereabouts, and
wonders of the wall was closed to the"new world"to the foot.< br>
< br > it is a human than a giant"giant God"is existed.< br>
< br >
< br > □price
application body:free-to-play(with some pay items)
< br >
< br > □support
・official site:
・official Twitter :
・contact : [email protected]

□recommended terminal
・Android 4.1 or higher
* even if the above conditions are met in some terminal not available if there is a way.

Latest Fantasy Squad W update

2018-04-16 【Update contents】
· Addition of chat function
· Act.Story 5.6.7 addition
· Anna Erra's illustration refine
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