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Performix Llc
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Android 4.0.3, 4.0.4 o superior
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Jul 15, 2024
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Adguard App

Adguard is a super useful app that helps you avoid all kinds of ads in any webpage. This app makes it super easy for you to block those annoying pop-ups, malicious site redirections or the theft of your private information. All those features are available to you with just one click that'll start a complete and reliable protection.

The app blocks and deletes all the ads included in the pages you visit. Although the ads completely disappear, it doesn't modify the structure of the page, making the page easy to read and keeping the traditional structure of your favorite websites. You'll browse much faster when the banners and other useless spaces are gone which also helps you save resources that are used for loading those fields.


Besides blocking all kinds of ads and pop-ups, Adguard also protects you from malicious elements that can enter your smartphone when you install apps. This app protects your smartphone from worms, trojans or phishing that put your personal information at risk. Also, the protection will continue if you log into unknown WiFi networks.

To activate Adguard you need to click on the main button of the interface and the protection will start automatically. In the same panel you can see the width of the band that you've saved since the protection started and a bar menu with alerts that let you that all the internet connection are being protected. If you want to pause it, then you just need to click on the icon again. Forget about those annoying ads, pop-ups and site redirections with just one click and keep your information safe 24 hours a day.

Latest Adguard update

  • After a month of open beta testing, we finally announce the first official release of Adguard for Android. Many thanks to all who helped us in testing the app! Thanks to you, we have fixed more than 100 bugs for the last month!
  • We are not going to stop on that and will continue the further development of Adguard. Please write us about shortcomings or send your suggestions. We are always here to help you.
  • Download Adguard APK 4.6.31 (51.01 MB)

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