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Turki Abdullah Alkhateeb

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Always OnThe best Always On app! Featured by Phonearena, XDA, and many others!

Turki Abdullah Alkhateeb
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Android 4.0.3+
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Feb 5, 2023
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Always On - Ambient Clock 2.0 App

Always On
The best Always On app, a clock that s always with you!

" Amazing Digital and Analog Clock!!
" works with the fingerprint sensor!!
" Better Notifications!!
" Sketch!! write or draw whatever you want on your screen!!!
" Ability to schedule the app s activation!!
" Highly customizable
" Detect if the phone is in your pocket!!
" Double Tap to unlock(LG KnockOn)!!
" Android N Quick Settings support!!
" Force Doze Mode(Beta)(Root)
" 24 Free Fonts!
" Moves content to prevent screen burn-in in AMOLED displays
" Ability to stop movement for non-AMOLED displays
" Adjust the Timeout of the always on screen

Why would you reach out to the power button every time you want to glance at the time?
this app saves you this daily effort by showing an elegant clock that gives your phone a nice, customizable look, when the screen is turned off!

This app works best with AMOLED displays since only a portion of the display works which means that it doesn t drain your battery.

To know what s your device s screen technology, follow this link and search for your phone:

This app was inspired by the Always On feature of Samsung s Galaxy S7 and LG s G5.

Warning: it is recommended to keep the "brightness" and "clock -> opacity" in the app s settings as low as possible to conserve battery usage.

Alert: Always On does not work with third party screen lockers. So ensure to delete or disable any third party locker if you have one.

And more amazing features coming soon!!

*If you want to help me by translating the app then follow this link:

*Feedback is highly appreciated.

Latest Always On - Ambient Clock 2.0 update

2016-11-05 v2.0.6
-Added Korean(thanks to Shi-oo Park)
-Added uninstall shortcut

-Fixed force close prior to Lollipop

-Fixed Navigation Bar Problem!

-New Icon!!
-New Analog Clocks!!
-Sketch Feature!!
-Better Notifications!!
-Added 24 free fonts!!
-Fingerprint Authentication!!
-Added Timeout Feature!!
-Stopped buttons backlight in some devices
-Added Text Only Battery Option
-Added Android N Toggle
-Force Doze (Root) (Android 6.0+)
-Removed all fonts in the previous version

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