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Los pájaros de Angry Birds se pasan al combate

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Android 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2 o superior
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Feb 6, 2023
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Angry Birds Fight! RPG Puzzle Game

Angry Birds Fight! it is a casual game in the style of Puzzle Quest, in which players will have 45 seconds to join birds of the same color and make them disappear from a board. How many more birds we get rid of the board, the higher the score attack will have your character at the end of the time.

The gameplay of Angry Birds Fight! it is very simple: swipe your finger across the screen to move from site a bird. As usual, we can only make a move if we got rid of a few birds on the board. And as is also usual, the more birds we get will get rid of in the middle with a single movement, the higher score we will get.

The main difference between Angry Birds Fight! and other similar titles is that the score will determine our attack value at the end of the 45 seconds. Our attack value is compared against the opponent's, and the one that has the most will win the clash. These battles, of course, will be either against the artificial intelligence as against other opponents over the Internet.

Between combat and combat, players will be able to customize the look of your main character (which by default is the red bird). May equip you with new weapons and hats, that will also enable us to get modifiers for attack and defense.

Angry Birds Fight! it is a casual game entertaining and relatively original, which will allow us to enjoy the birds of Angry Birds within a game style is totally different. By Andrés López

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