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Grand Prize winner of GIGDC 2016!Drive crazy to be the best streamer on the net

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Android 2.3.4+
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Aug 14, 2023
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Madnessteer Live Game

■ Grand Prize winner of GIGDC 2016! ■

Play as a attention seeking Streamer craving for more views!
Rampage, race until you are at the top of the online broadcast!
Perform stunts, destroy, run from cops and choppers! All for the viewer's fun!!
Simple controls but Never! a simple experience!
Now enjoy a breath-taking, action-packed, bombs-blazing, speed-thriving Arcade action
and Let Your Name be known!!


■ Features ■

- Acrobats, stunts, skills and all-you-can-dream, arcade actions!
- All for your viewing pleasures! None stopping missions from the viewers!
- Dozens of unique cars and skills!
- Drive to your max as you are chased by cops on foot, on wheel, on air!
- Compete other Streamers around the world through the ranking system!
- Customize your studio!

■ Recruiting Streamers who... ■

- Enjoys simple casual games
- Loves action and thrill
- Knows and needs that speed, racing!
- Needs something special to kill time and boredom
- Has butter fingers and so needs simple controls to play
- Just needs to blow off some steam!!!


- If you enjoyed our game, please write a positive reviews on the Play store! this will help us develop more games and update more patches.

- Cautions! Your data will not be backed up online! If you erase the app, all progress saved data, and purchased data will be lost!


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Latest Madnessteer Live update

■ 1.0.03 Ver # NEW VEHICLE - BOSSROBO (Epic), LILITH QUEEN (Myth) 2 vehicles Total # UI related changes
Download Madnessteer Live APK 1.0.03 (37.21 MB)

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