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Arjan Vlek
Requires android
5.0 and up
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Jul 7, 2024
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Oxygen Updater App

Oxygen Updater is an open-source app supported by ads & donations. Ads can be removed by purchasing the ad-free unlock in the app's settings.
This is a third-party app, not an official OnePlus application.

App's purpose
OnePlus rolls out OTA updates in a staged manner, meaning you might have to wait a long time before receiving an update. That's where this app comes in — it downloads only official updates directly from OnePlus/Google servers, and even verifies the integrity of the ZIP before allowing you to install. By doing so, Oxygen Updater lets you skip the rollout queue and install official updates ASAP. It's faster than OTA 99% of the time.

Note: if you're not receiving notifications, double-check app & Android settings. Also disable battery optimizations: https://dontkillmyapp.com/oneplus#user-solution.

First-launch setup wizard: auto-detects correct device/method & allows configuring privacy options
View important info: changelog & device/OS versions (including security patch)
Fully transparent: check filename & MD5 checksums
✨ Robust download manager: recovers from network errors to avoid wasting data
MD5 verification: protects against corruption/tampering
‍ Detailed install guides: never miss a step
World-class support: email & Discord (thanks to our community)
High-quality news articles: cover a variety of topics about OnePlus, OxygenOS, and our project
☀️ Themes: Light, Dark, System, Auto (time-based)
♿ Fully accessible: professionally-crafted design (adhering to WCAG 2.0), support for screen readers

Supported devices
All OnePlus devices that aren't carrier-branded (e.g. T-Mobile & Verizon) work perfectly. Carrier-branded devices run a custom, completely locked-down OxygenOS flavour. If you own such a device, be aware that you cannot manually update your firmware, even if you don't use our app.

See https://oxygenupdater.com/ for a full list of supported devices, and https://oxygenupdater.com/faq/ for frequently asked questions.

Works perfectly without root
If you grant root access to the app, there are some additional features you can take advantage of: "become a contributor" feature, which tries to submit OTA URLs captured from your device (opt-in), and improved update method recommendations (full vs incremental).

If you want to update a rooted device while maintaining root, follow these steps:
1. Install via “local upgrade” as you normally would, but *DO NOT* reboot
2. Open Magisk and select the “flash to inactive slot” option
3. Reboot and enjoy

Supports all update tracks & package types
• Stable (default): supposed to be pristine quality, daily-driver material
• Open Beta (opt-in): may contain bugs, but you can experience new features early
• Developer Preview (opt-in, if available for your device): unstable, meant only for developers or hardcore enthusiasts

Switching between different tracks may require enabling “advanced mode” in the app's settings.

Package types:
• Incremental (default): much smaller than full, meant for a specific source → target version combo (e.g. 1.2.3 → 1.2.6). Incompatible if rooted, standard Android behaviour. Note: app falls back to full if for whatever reason an incremental isn't available.
• Full: contains the entire OS, so they're quite large. Uses: switching between different tracks, or upgrading to a brand new major Android version (e.g. 11 → 12), or if you're rooted. In all other cases, incremental is recommended.

Contact us via email or Discord if you need to.

This is a third-party app, not an official OnePlus application. Neither the developer of this app nor OnePlus are responsible for your actions. Back up your files/media regularly.

OnePlus, OxygenOS and the respective logos are registered trademarks of OnePlus Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
AdMob™, AdSense™, Android™, Google Play and the Google Play logo are registered trademarks of Google LLC.

Latest Oxygen Updater update

• [news] unread count badge is now accurate as list is fetched from server on launch
• [ads] support collapsible banner format as an experiment
• Fixed rare crash when scrolling
• Further reduced download size by 4 KB
• Dep updates

• Reduced download size by 273 KB
• Internal improvements & dep updates

In v6, we rewrote the app into Jetpack Compose, featuring Material 3/You, improved guide, support for large screens, etc: https://oxygenupdater.com/article/413/.
Download Oxygen Updater APK 6.3.1 (5.73 MB)

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