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Robert Ehrhardt

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Offline password manager to securely store passwords, logins and more.

Robert Ehrhardt
Requires android
6.0 and up
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Updated on
Jul 19, 2024
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Password Safe and Manager App

Annoyed of forgetting your access data for hundreds of services, apps and co.?

Do you want a secure way of storing and organizing all your passwords instead of writing them down on a sheet of paper?

Password Safe and Manager is the best solution for you!

Password Safe and Manager stores and manages all your entered data in an encrypted way, so you have a secure storage of your access data and you only have to remember your master-password. This password manager allows you to manage and keep track about all your sensitive data, which are stored completely encrypted and safe by using one password. The encryption which is used for protecting your data vault in this Password Manager is based on the strong Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256bit.

You can trust Password Safe 100% as it does not have any access to the internet.

Note, the password manager is totally offline for security and privacy reasons, so it has NO automatic sync-feature, because of the missing internet-permissions.
To share the vault, upload/backup the database to any cloud service like Dropbox or similar and import it from there on another device, which is super easy yet, you can use the inbuilt export/import functionality to transfer the secure database.

Essential functions of the Password Manager at a glance
secure storage and management of your passwords, pins, accounts, access data, etc.
categorize your entries in the Password Safe
access via one single master-password
️ Password Generator for creating secure passwords
backup and restore the encrypted database
customizability of the user interface of the password manager
⭐ Favor most used entries
️ automatic clearing of the clipboard (some restriction on some devices)
️ Password Generator-widgets
local auto-backup
password strength indicator
⚙️ no unnecessary Android rights
⌚ Wear OS App

Further features of the pro version
️ biometric login (e.g. fingerprint, face unlock etc.)
️ attach images to entries
Add attachments to entries
️ own entry-fields can be defined, reordered and used more than once
archive entries
️ define multiple categories for an entry
see password history
️ mass assign entries to category
️ import/export from/to excel table
️ export to pdf / print
⏳ automatic logout after specific time and when screen turned off
further designs

Just remember only one single password and get access to all of yours! Its intuitive design helps you to manage your data easily and efficiently.
Use categories to organize your entries, which makes it super easy to arrange and to find specific content.
Use your fingerprint to comfortably login to the app and get to your credentials fast and secure.

Security is guaranteed by the used 256bit strong Advanced Encryption Standard.
No idea about a new strong password? Simply create a new and secure one within the app.

Bored of standard user interface settings? Password Safe and Manager offers you several options to customize the user interface to your needs.

Want to get some insights? What passwords are used most often? Which are too short? Check the statistics within this Password Manager!

Just you are handling your data.
There is no reason to fear any data leak, hacked server data or similar as the Password Manager is totally offline. You nonetheless have the opportunity to backup your data and restore them easily.

Note that the data in this password manager are completely encrypted, so a recovery of any data or reset of master password is not possible if the original master password has been lost.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you found bugs, want to help me translate Password Safe into other languages, have any feature requests, problems or something like that :)

Latest Password Safe and Manager update

- initial auto fill support (Beta)
- make add to/remove from watch icons clearer
- fix possible crash
- add option to hide empty categories
- icon alias
- bugfixes and performance improvements

The app is an offline product. It is not possible to do an automatic sync or backup/restore. Don't forget to make proper backups regularly! We will not be responsible for any data loss!
Download Password Safe and Manager APK 8.1.0 (18.19 MB)

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