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Espirales:ilusiones \u00f3pticas. Mira la pantalla y disfruta ilusiones visuales

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May 10, 2024
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Spiral: Optical Illusions Game

Optical illusions spiral is a fun game which can produce optical illusions. The illusions shall make you see the objects around you deformed in different shapes, depending on the illusion. Your friends and family shall also be amused once they try the app. For making the optical illusions spirals game more fun, the game Spiral Shooter Game is included to allow you obtain new illusion effects. Pass levels on the Spiral Shooter Game in order to achieve the final goal of getting all the illusion effects.

*** Disclaimer: Don't use this app if you are sensible to stroboscopic images. Don't allow another people using the app if you are not sure about their stroboscopic images sensitiveness. ***

How to use
Select one illusion (initially only the uppermost one is available) then get ready and keep your mobile device (phone or tablet) about 25 cm in front of your eyes, then follow the instructions stated on the game, they will guide you on the process and shall provide tips on how to improve the visual effect. Once the spiral visual effect starts its movement a counter shall show on the center of the screen the time remaining you should keep looking at the screen of your mobile device. 30 seconds is an amount of time which we have tested and works fine on the majority of devices we have used during the test time. During those 30 seconds you can focus on different ways on the screen, any way you focus your eyes on it shall be fine to achieve the goal expected after the counter reaches zero. Once the time is over, then look at some object around you in a middle distance, then you should be able of seeing the optical illusion effects. In case you haven't achieved seeing the effects, you can answer how was the result of your try in the game, and extra tips shall be given in such a case.

The Spiral Shooter Game
This fun game is an awesome casual game which is included to match the theme of the game and give the chance of unlocking new optical effects spirals. The goal is throwing the set of initial balls to the central circle, but be careful since if 2 balls touch then you lose. The central circle rotates both clockwise and counterclockwise, can change the direction at any time and the speed shall vary. You have to find your own strategy in order of getting rid of all the balls given at the beginning of each level. Each level shall not contain a random move but shall keep the same set of moves each time the user plays the same level. Some features of the game:
100 levels. When some new visual effects spirals are added, some more level might be added too.
Single tap controls. Tap anywhere on the screen but on the central circle. As you tap on the screen a ball will be shot.
Casual game style. Close the game at any level you are playing. The last level unlocked shall be kept that way forever.
Simple minimalist graphics. Simple to don't distract you from your real goal.

Also remember that the goal of passing levels on the game, besides getting fun playing it, is unlocking new visual illusions. Click on any locked visual illusion in order to get to know how many levels you need to pass in order to obtain a new optical illusion available.

We hope you enjoy the app. Keep in mind our disclaimer about stroboscopic images sensitiveness.

We appreciate any feedback that help us improve the app. Your ideas are welcome. Ratings, reviews and emails are welcome too.

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- Bugs fixes
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