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El modo de juego es divertido para un rompecabezas desafío para la mente TTS en Indonesia

Joy Keratif
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May 10, 2024
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Teka-teki Silang TTS Game

Crossword (crossword) which is abbreviated as TTS is a puzzle game or puzzle game where we have to fill in the empty white boxes with letters that form a word based on the clues or questions given. You can find conventional crossword puzzle games in newspapers or crossword puzzle books that like to have pictures of beautiful women on the covers.

Historically, this word puzzle-based game was first created by Arthur Wynne on December 2, 1913 and can be played on your cellphone or smartphone. So you can get rid of boredom, boredom, bt, confused or blank in a positive way, namely sharpening your brain anywhere and anytime.

This crossword puzzle game in Indonesian and English from Joykratif is made with easy questions, words or word questions that we often hear on a daily basis. As for if you are still having trouble answering, this crossword puzzle game will provide a help feature so you can continue to complete the empty boxes in this joykratif crossword puzzle game.

In addition to crossword puzzles that we usually encounter in general. This joy creative TTS game now adds a picture question feature or picture guessing feature. So the crossword puzzle which is usually in the form of writing will now be in the form of an image. Fill in the boxes according to the picture in question

This exciting game from Joykeratif is also well made, even this TTS is a very small MB game, only 5 MB. It's really a game with a small MB, right, so you can still save your internet quota.

Features in this latest original TTS game:

1. Always update (every month there will be a question update, so you won't be bored) * latest updated January 2021)
2. There are picture questions that definitely add to the fun
3. You can choose the number of the TTS question and there is also a Random button
4. More than 2,500 questions in this latest crossword puzzle
5. You can contribute questions
6. A help feature that will help you when you have trouble
7. Database to store your answers, so you can continue to fill in the crossword puzzle anytime
8. Easy to use and animation
9. The size of the game is small, only 5 MB (save internet quota), this latest TTS game can be played offline

Latest Teka-teki Silang TTS update

- Bugs fixes
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