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Tribute Statement:
This game 'That's Not My Kind' was inspired by 'That's Not My Neighbor,' a fantastic game developed by NachosamaGames. We deeply admire the creativity and engaging gameplay of their work, which served as a significant source of inspiration during the development of our own game. We are truly grateful to NachosamaGames for setting such a high standard in game design, and we aspire to honor and continue that legacy with our tribute.

It's the year 2155, and Earth is reeling from the aftermath of a devastating nuclear war. Nuclear leaks and contamination have ravaged many countries and regions, leading to widespread mutations among the human population. These mutants have become highly aggressive, posing a significant threat to the remaining pockets of civilization.
Only a few regions across three continents have remained untouched by nuclear contamination. As a member of the Mutant Detection Unit, your daily duties involve serving as the gatekeeper, tasked with screening individuals entering from the contaminated zones to determine if they are mutants.
Your job may seem straightforward, but in a world where mutations are rampant and dangers lurk at every corner, attention to detail is paramount. One wrong decision could mean the difference between safety and peril. Are you up for the challenge?
Join the Mutant Detection Unit today and help safeguard humanity's last bastions of hope against the mutant threat!

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- Multilingual localization.
- Minor bugs fixed.
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