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Una versión horizontal del juego de lucha.

Shenzhen Mili Hudong
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Android 4.1+
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May 10, 2024
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The war team Game

《THE WAR TEAM》 is a horizontal version of the fight game. This game has rich action elements, a sense of attack to the meat and a sense of carefree dripping. It is the core experience of the game. The story of the game comes from the five ares gods of the alliance of war, and finally overthrows the delusional men who plundered the cosmic energy.

The game is divided into three themes: the boulder, the earth and the dark cross castle, which correspond to the ice and snow scene, the sand scene and the spaceship scene. Exquisite scenes and different scenes make each scene feel dynamic.

This game action action element can be described as the classic rich, skill release one style and one style, the blow to the flesh of the punch makes the player seem to be in the game world, the skill is also dazzling. A player can only play different combat styles with his own simple operation.

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- Bugs fixes
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