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Conducir la ambulancia a estrellarse cerca del punt ambulancia de rescate deber.

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Android 4.1+
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May 10, 2024
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Ambulance Rescue Simulator 17 Game

You are an ambulance rescue driver. And you are provided with different rescue missions. You are the best ambulance driver of 2017. Fulfill your rescue duty in your areas.This city is in thrill and accident and you have to safely drive your city ambulance and take injured people to the nearest hospital. The best ambulance game of 2017 is here. Use your city ambulance to help people. Call ambulance 911 if you are in Europe and call ambulance 1122 if you are in Pakistan. You are doing the real ambulance rescue driving. Human life is much precious, so value them. This is going to be the best ambulence game of 2017. Prove that you have the best ambulance rescue team in the city. This is your ambolance rescue simulator 3D game.
There is a lot city traffic and you have to drive through different routes to reach your desired destination. Beat the traffic rush and prove the public that you are the best ambulance driver. There are different levels of games and a person can unlock them by completing the previous level.Now let's see how good do you complete your city ambulance rescue duty games. Save lives of people with your city ambulance. Take the patients to hospital so fast that people think you fly your rescue ambulanza. But that does not mean you have to harm others to save one life.Ambulance games are much fun than any other. Also take an ambulance doctor with you. So that the doctor can check the patient in your emergency ambulence immediately. Play your best with your ambulance simulator 3D.
Ambulance driving in an urban city is quite dangerous job. Race your vehicle through big city traffic and watch out for the cars driving near you. As an ambulance driver your agility, courage and alertness will determine that whether the doctor will be able to rescue the patient on time or not. You are the responsible city ambolance rescue driver. Finish your ambulance free duty first and then leave for home. Treat the patients in your ambulance with the help of your ambulance free doctor. Do not be the crazy driver of your ambulance, you have to save lives. You are doing a real ambulance rescue driving. A little bit similar to ambulance parking simulator games. This is one of the good games of 2017. People are dying of accidents, you have to save them, because you are the emergency ambulance driver. Do the ambulance surgery if needed.
Leave the ambulance rush behind. This game involves crash and many severe accidents, one should have good driving skills and alertness to carefully deliver injured to the nearest hospital in the city. This is an urban area game. Player drives the ambulance 2017 from one certain point to the other and park the vehicle there. There is an option of emergency sirens in the game and you switch them off and on by simply one touch. When patients are placed in your ambulance simulator, drive them to the mentioned place.
Key Features:
• Different model cars
• Easy driving
• On screen steering
• Siren on/off button
• Horn play
• Direction guide
• Acceleration button
• Brake/Reverse button
• Camera view change button
• On-screen steering
• Siren on/off button
• Horn button
Download and play this game and increase your driving skills as well as help the needy patients. Ambulance Rescue Simulator will be kept updated and please feel free to rate and comment about this app.

Latest Ambulance Rescue Simulator 17 update

- Bugs fixes
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