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Professional tool to relieve eye strain, Reduce glare, Care your eyes

Geeks Lab 2015
Requires android
4.1 and up
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Jun 8, 2024
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Bluelight Filter - Night Mode App

Do you feel the light of your mobile screen is too strong?
Do you feel your eyes fatigued after watching the phone screen for a long time?
Does the glare of the screen make your eyes uncomfortable when you play phone in the bed at night?
Do you feel your vision is blurry after long-use phone?
All of these problems are caused by the blue light that emitted from the phone screen. Which will bring you eye strain and vision loss if you looked at the screen for a long time without rest.

Now, with this application, you can easily get rid of the blue light.
We have these advantages:
- Heavily reduce the blue light to relieve eye fatigue and protect your eyes;
- We have 5 different filter colors for you to choose: nature, red, brown, dark, yellow;
- You can dynamically adjust the filter strength;
- Easy to use, one one button to switch on/off;
- Stable, no force close;
- It's Free!

Latest Bluelight Filter - Night Mode update

- Bugs fixes
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