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Simulate for instruments scientific calculator, Complex number, Calculus

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4.1 and up
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Updated on
Feb 5, 2023
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Calculator 570 991 - Solve Math by Camera Plus L84 App

☆ Basic Calculator: calculate from basic mathematics functions with percentage to advanced functions.
☆ Scientific Calculator: multi-functional scientific calculator with a lot of functions, all in one app.
☆ Equation Solver: Solve quadratic, cubic, quartic and other complex math equations.
☆ Camera Math: Enter math expression by using camera get answer.
☆ Calculation History: save your calculation history.
☆ Base-N calculation for programmer
☆ Integral calculator provide powerful calculator to calculate integrate, derivative

◉ Math natural display
See math expressions, symbols and fractions exactly the way they appear in textbooks.

◉ Scientific calculator
This Scientific Calculator contains all the scientific calculations such as equation solver, derivative, anti-trigonometric calculation, trigonometric calculation, integral, logarithmic calculation, square root calculation, power calculation, factorial calculation, cube root calculation, π calculation and so on.

◉ Photo calculator - Scan Math Problems and Solve by Camera
Photo calculator is the most creative feature of this calculator. This feature solves problem by taking photo, inputs quickly to solve math with your camera. Unlike the other calculator, this calculator help you solve math problem quickly by taking a picture and then you can get the solutions at once.

◉ Real simulator: calculator layout same as calculator 570 es plus and 991, es plus as well as 580, ex plus. It also supports most of features of ti 34, T 36 Pro, T 30, instruments calculator T 30, T 84 plus, T 83 Plus, T 82, T 89. Wabbit calculator & wabbitemu calculator, grafncalc83, graphncalc83

◉ Graphing - simulates for graphing calculator T 82, T 83 and T 84
This calculator can draw simultaneously graph, this is the best way to visual functions

◉ Unit conversion
A large collection of unit conversion, include real time currency converter and a lot of units such as time, length, area, ...

◉ Calculation formulas
Contains Math formulas and Physics formulas, very efficient for students in high school or university.

◉ Programming - the programmable calculator
Mathematica language is also supported by this programming calculator

Latest Calculator 570 991 - Solve Math by Camera Plus L84 update

# 3.9.4-beta
- Improved calculate integral, sum and product
- Updated function documents
- Fixed some bugs
Download Calculator 570 991 - Solve Math by Camera Plus L84 APK 4.4.10511201919 (16 MB)

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