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Advanced Equalizer and Bass Booster for music lovers.

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Requires android
4.2 and up
Package name
Updated on
Feb 5, 2023
Available on the Play Store → Google Play

Equalizer and Bass Booster App

Equalize your music with bass booster and virtualizer. Using this app you can improve the quality of your music by giving different Equalizing effects.
If your music play does not have music equalizer use this advanced Equalizer and bass booster, specially for true music lovers. It helps enhance and improve your music sound and quality.
You can directly load your music from within the app and control the volume, Equalization, Bass settings and Virtualizer, all together from within the application.
The app support all the music file, video and radio sounds.

- Advanced UI, simple and easy to use.
- Launch music directly from the app
- Five band Equalizer
- Volume controler
- Bass booster and virtualizer
- Default Equalizer effects available as well as custom settings.
- Works well with all type of music players

How to use it.:3
- Open the app and launch your music by clicking the play button.
- Turn on Equalizer and Bass Booster from the app.
- You can use the default equalizer settings or create your own settings.
- Use headphone, ear phones for best effects and results.
- Switch between pages to adjust music volume or maximize volume.
- To apply to video , 1st launch your video player and then Equalizer.

Latest Equalizer and Bass Booster update

Latest Updated Version.
Download Equalizer and Bass Booster APK 1.1 (2.97 MB)

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