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Click and build a huge farm! Tap and earn money! Become a real tycoon! Download!

Red Machine
Requires android
5.0 and up
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Updated on
Jun 14, 2023
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Idle Heroes of Hell - Clicker & Simulator Game

Do you like farm games but find farming simulator too boring? There is a new generation of clicker games! Do you want to feel what it's like to play RPG games offline? Do you want to be a devil or maybe a gold miner? Start to tap! Click! Build! Invest! Upgrade!

This is a revolutionary new method of building! It is fun, simple and awesome! Download now!

Forget about simple taps or clicks! Build torture devices, hire demons, keep playing with the farming simulator! Clicker games have never been so unusual and fun! Just tap and upgrade your equipment! Click and automate your weapons! If you are great at cookie clicker, then you can earn more as a tycoon! Create your farm villa in hell!

- You can build the most magical farm ever just by tapping! Fill your demonic pit with fire!
- Diversity! Play like a real clicker hero, because sinners come in many forms!
- It is fun! Pure farming simulator with simple game play.
- Awesome art and animation! The best idle miner ever!
- A mad mix of clicking games and RPG games! Tap away all your sorrows!
- There are a lot of upgrades for idle!- Swipe, click and tap!
- We created this game for the most dedicated tapper and real clicker heroes!
- Idle games are awesome! Join the big community of fans of this genre! Upgrade endlessly!
- Ready! Steady! Tap tycoon!

Our simulators have the most fun and entertaining mining games for you and your friends! Demons are your workers. Invest in your devil company and make your empire as profitable as possible. This is a new way to play tap games and clicking games. Earn rewards, idle heroes, build automated boilers, find new clicker heroes and stuff! Easiest strategy ever! In tycoon games like this you will find the highest level of entertainment! Clicking, tapping and swiping will be easy for all your friends and family! Compete among each other in this RPG clicker. Make your empire profitable by earning more money than others! Your friends become more than just cookie clickers, they will be idle heroes! Grow your demonic farm and become a tycoon.

Have you ever tried to earn cash? Did you try to build a company and run it? You have a simple and idle way to try it out! Are you waiting for the farm to start over? Raise some crops or animals such as cows, chickens and horses. Idle clicker games are not limited to grains and vegetables. But it is not cruel and very family friendly! Our tortures are fun, Pit Lord is kind, you are the tycoon of the year and the best gold miner of all eternity. Undertake a venture! Take your profits and relax! Play clicker games and learn how to get money.

Becoming the tycoon of Hell is not easy, but we made it easy! This is the easiest simulator in the "dot com" world! Are you ready to see a revolutionary way to play idle games? It is not just about idle heroes, it is about sins, mortals, demons - they are in your pit now, in your hell, they are within your power. Yet, it is funny! Have you ever seen another farming simulator that makes this possible?
This game is about clicking and getting cash! You can get it by solving puzzles! Do you prefer RPG games or dungeon games? Why not both!

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