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Full working Touch Emulation App without System Hacks and without Ads

Requires android
5.1 and up
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Updated on
May 10, 2024
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Touch4Gamepad App

This App makes it possible to play Google Play touch based game without root/hacks/developer options and without Client/Server Apps and requires only a few App Permissions. For this app you need only a small Arduino Board, and you are ready to go!


Note for Android 9 (Pie): You have to disable the "App Restrictions" for the Touch4... App: Android Settings => Battery => App launch => Touch4... => Disable "Manage automatically"

What you need to play:

- USB PS4/PS3 Dualshock/Sixaxis, USB XBox One/360 "Wired" Controller and Logitech RumbleP 2
- USB Cable only (no Bluetooth)
- Arduino Board: Micro or ProMicro or Leonardo or Beetle 32u4 USB Stick
- USB OTG Cable + USB Hub

How to use:

1. Start the App (you will see nothing, Service is running in the background)
2. Connect the Arduino Board with the USB Hub (ack USB permissions: press "Ok" quick!)
3. Connect the Gamepad with the USB Hub (ack USB permissions, then you will see the Menu)

(when you open the app for the first time: Go to "Settings" with the left gamepad stick and map a gamepad button as "Function" button, then map the functions: "Menu", "Touch Editor", "Switch Touch/Mouse" and "Switch Mapper Off" with other buttons. Go back, then close the Menu -> press buttons: "Function" + "Menu" )

4. Start a game and press the Gamepad Buttons: "Function" + "Menu", now you can add some Touch-Items on the game screen, or load/save/share and download touch settings for each game (if available). Close the menu.

Ready to play.

Notice: This touch mapping app does not require any developer options, also no hacks/root, no SuperSU. It doesn't change the android system. Samsung DeX compatible (in Fullscreen Mode)

Latest Touch4Gamepad update

Fixed: Crash on Android 9
Fixed: Logitech RumblePad 2 Right Stick Axis
Better Permissions handling and Overlay Check (crash)
Updated: Arduino Initialisation, Load/Save: show installed Apps only
Multiple Touch Layouts for one Game
New: Support for Logitech RumblePad 2 + PS4 Controller (SK Vers. 2)
New: Samsung DeX compatible (in Fullscreen Mode)
Now you can use the DPAD directions as separate Touch Buttons
Now the last touch settings are temporary saved and automatically reloaded after a restart
Download Touch4Gamepad APK 3.21 (3.5 MB)

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