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Top Secrets of World War II

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Jun 1, 2024
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Legacy Of Dead Empire Game

The game "Legacy Of Dead Empire" takes you to the scary world of a horror game, into the times of the Second World War, where you will be able to find out terrible mysteries of the secret bunker teeming with evil zombies and storing a lot of secrets.

You are a citizen of your country, empire which must conquer the world, but in case you became a victim of your military organization's experiment.

You need to find out who put those inhuman experiments. And whose fault will put you in the laboratory as a victim of an experiment.

The bunker that was concealed by the authorities saved a lot of secrets. And now you need to figure them out if you want to stay alive and leave that fatal labyrinth which consists of tunnels, laboratories, hangers and achievements of a once great empire that could not handle with the out of the control experiment.

You have to go through the thousands of living dead to discover a horrible secret. Maybe, you are not alone in that laboratory of hell. Maybe there is a chance of salvation if you are able to find an exit…

We invite you not just shoot zombies, but to play the zombie shooter with exciting scenario.

The game " Legacy Of Dead Empire" - is

- Combination of the zombie shooter with exciting story in comics
- Intuitively clear, easy operation
- Colorful atmospheric, detailed graphics
- Zombie-walker with a well thought and interesting levels.
- Atmosppheric music
- Various weapons of the period of the Second World War
- A lot of interesting locations to discover

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Latest Legacy Of Dead Empire update

- bugs fixes
- Enemy AI improved
- Black screen fixed
- Exploding barrels added
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