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Immersive free-to-play RPGs for Android.

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Android 2.3.2+
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Feb 5, 2023
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Return of Darkness APK Game

A call to arms to all warriors, witches, and would-be assassins: ready your weapons, steady your hand and prepare to wage the war that could save an entire realm.

Tower of Babel is the World of Darkness latest oering in a long line of intriguing, immersive free-to-play RPGs for Android.

Forge an alliance and hatch cunning plans with friends met on the quest, or strike out on as you navigate various deep, dark dungeons, where wicked dragons and terrible bosses lay waiting to engage in mortal combat.

Choose your class to suit your character: use your strength and fighting ability as a Warrior to demolish any defense, Assassins possess the guile and cunning to creep through the darkest shadows and strike silent, deadly blows to the most careful foes, and Wizards are able to conjure complex spells to penetrate even the strongest shield.

New upgrades include:

- Increased number and variety of tortuous dungeons and powerful bosses. - 1080P full HD - Collect over 350 unique Avatars to suit the needs of your task - Multiple new combat techniques and commands: punish the enemy with unlimited combos and new in-fight elements.

- Rule the skies with the new flying ability - An expanded customer response team

Website: Service: [email protected]

Latest Return of Darkness APK update

Version.1.8 [New Function:Transform] - Collect and activate the Beast to transform them and battle with their skill! - The beast will grant player additional stats - Show off your collection and transform into your favourite beast in town - Minor bug fixed & improvement.
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