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Salah with easy Quran is a great and easy way to learn how to do the prayer

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May 23, 2024
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Salah/Namaz, Ablution Learning App

“Salah/Namaz, Ablution Learning” is an easy-to-use Muslim guide offline for beginners & kids designed to help users learn how to pray Islamic prayer. With detailed step-by-step instructions and illustrations, Salat guides users through each stage of the Islamic prayer, from Islamic Ablution Wudu to the final Salaam.

Features of the Salat Muslim guide offline include:

1- Islamic Ablution Guide: Salat includes a comprehensive guide to performing Islam ablution, complete with illustrations and explanations.

2- Islam Pray Guide: Salat provides step-by-step instructions for performing each prayer, including the opening takbeer, recitation of Quranic verses, and the final salaam.

3- The clear Quran audio reading: Salat includes audio recitations of the Quranic verses that are recited during Islam prayer, helping users to memorize and improve their pronunciation.

4- Qibla finder: Salat includes a Qibla finder that shows the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca, allowing users to accurately orient themselves during Islam prayer.

With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Salat is the perfect Muslim guide offline for anyone looking to learn and improve their prayer (for beginners & kids too). Download Salat today and take the first step towards a more fulfilling spiritual life.

This guide will inshallah help you to improve your Fajr, Dhurh (Zuhr), Asr, Maghrib, and Isha pray. The clear Quran audio reading also helps you improve your pronunciation.

“Salah/Namaz, Ablution Learning” is a Muslim guide offline meant for instructing Muslims all over the world about how to effectively offer prayers (Salah/Namaz) along with all the essential information. It is even perfect for beginners & kids. “Salah/Namaz, Ablution Learning” is a comprehensive pray guide for believers to get themselves familiar with every aspect of daily Islam prayers, non-obligatory Salat, and others. And the clear Al Quran audio reading will help with it too.

New functions:

1. Qibla finder - Seamlessly navigate your spiritual journey with our compass, guiding you toward the direction of Mecca.
2. The clear Quran audio reading - Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Al Quran with audio recitations, and phonetics for enhanced pronunciation and understanding.
3. Step by Step Salah - clear instructions for performing each prayer, including the opening takbeer, recitation of Al Quran verses, and the final salaam.
4. Al Quran explorer - inspiring videos with Al Quran verses every day.

“Salah/Namaz, Ablution Learning” is a comprehensive application that provides everything you need to perform Salat and take ablution correctly. Step-by-step explanations will make the process easier for you and allow you to perform Salah and take Wudu without any omissions. Perfect for beginners & kids. In addition, our Muslim guide features a useful Qibla finder that will help you easily orient yourself towards Mecca. And Al Quran's new quotes every day will give you a lot of inspiration for your spiritual life.

“Salah/Namaz, Ablution Learning” is your Muslim guide offline for learning how to pray properly, especially for beginners & kids.

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