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Build, manage and prosper! Dive into the whimsical world of Tiny Tower!

Nimblebit Llc
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5.0 and up
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Jun 18, 2024
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Tiny Tower: Tap Idle Evolution Game

Welcome to the delightful world of Tiny Tower, a pixel-art paradise that allows you to experience the thrill of being a building tycoon!

Immerse yourself in an idle simulation game where creativity, strategy, and fun merge into one entertaining package.

Dreamt of being a tower builder? Look no further! With Tiny Tower, you get to construct your very own skyscraper, floor by floor, in an enchanting pixel art environment.

Our Unique Gameplay Offers You The Chance To:

- Play as a building tycoon and oversee the construction of numerous unique floors, each reflecting your creativity and style.
- Invite a host of charming bitizens, each with their own personalities and quirks, to inhabit your tower.
- Assign jobs to your bitizens and watch your tower's economy grow.
- Collect earnings from your bitizens, reinvesting them to expand your tower's potential.
- Upgrade your elevator, enhancing its speed and efficiency to match your tower's grandeur.

Tiny Tower is more than just a building sim; it's a vibrant, virtual community bursting with life. Every bitizen and every floor is intricately designed, adding a touch of personality to your tower. Want a bitizen in a dinosaur costume? Go ahead and make it happen! After all, the fun lies in the tiny details!

Interact, explore and share in Tiny Tower!:

- Connect with your friends, trade bitizens, and tour each other's towers.
- Peek into the thoughts of your bitizens with the “BitBook”, your tower's very own virtual social network.
- Celebrate the pixel art aesthetic, bringing a distinctive visual appeal to your tower's design.

In Tiny Tower, there is no limit to your creativity and strategic thinking.
Reach for the skies and construct the tower of your dreams, where each pixel, each floor, and each tiny bitizen contributes to your towering success!

The life of a tower tycoon awaits, are you ready to build your legacy?

Latest Tiny Tower: Tap Idle Evolution update

New Tiny Tower Update:
Collect new legendary Bitizens!
Boosters game mechanic revamped!
Upgrade your Legendary Lounge - because even legends deserve a makeover!
Bugs squashed like tiny invaders!
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