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The heroes of democracy welcome you! Begin your political adventure with a tap!

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Jun 28, 2023
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Vote Blitz! Clicker arcade & idle politics game Game

Do you dream of being president, but your'e still just tapping cookies? The heroes of democracy welcome you! Become one of them in the exciting game Vote Blitz! Begin your political adventure with a tap!

A financial tycoon and communist, a democrat and dictator, or a woman from a distant land shrouded in magic - 18 unique characters need your help in a frenzied political race that will challenge your fingers. You'll never get bored with this arcade-style game! The game has begun!

It's as though the heroes of democracy have stepped out of the world of real politics. They might remind you of Trump, Putin, Kin Jong-un, or other famous people you know, but keep in mind that any similarities are purely coincidental! That kind of stuff happens in idle games.

Dive into a political adventure, go down the rabbit hole, and grope the underbelly of democracy! This clicker will give you amazing countries, and you'll have a chance to prove yourself in all of them and become a hero who will lead your people to prosperity! Or, if you've ever dreamed of being a terrifying dictator, seize power by force and hold an entire country in the palm of your hand! Your mom is nuts about this arcade-style game, you know.
100 unique levels will keep you engaged and make you tap like you've never tapped before! What'll it be: 10, 20, 50, or 300 taps per minute? It's time to stretch your fingers and prove that you're the faster, most agile tapper in this political game.
Every country has its own characters: a dictator, a lazy tycoon, a democrat, a communist, and more! All of them are worthy to become president! Choose one of them and help them assume power and honor among their fellow citizens! Want your hero to win an election in every country and conquer half the world? Now's your chance! Take part in a political clash and prove that you can seize power and become the leader, then change your citizenship
and fight for new democratic horizons! The clicker Vote Blitz! lets you do just that! Look, your mom's friend's son is already posting screenshots from this arcade-style game.
No political battle can be fair. Every dictator know that. It's true in real politics, to say nothing about the game. The clicker Vote Blitz! will give you boosters to increase your chances of winning! You can stop time to regain your strength and tap some cookies. Boosters give you the ability to bribe voters and get rid of those who want to see another character get elected.

The game genre known as "idle games" will really suck you in. If you're lucky you can find a suitcase with a surprise in it that will give you political power and bring you closer to your desired goal. It doesn't matter who your character is: the people's darling or a dictator who holds their country in an iron fist. There's a suitcase for all of them.
Your voters' votes can be used for more than just counting - you can spend them to get boosters, unlock new characters, or change your president's citizenship! If there's a little dictator inside of you, changing citizenship could really come in handy - why rule one country when you can rule the world? Value the votes you get - they'll help you win this political game and become a true hero of democracy!
Delete all the new games from 2018, set your cookie-clicker aside, down with lazy tycoons, forget about "tap tap tap" idle games. Arcade-style games and clickers quake before Vote Blitz! It truly is the most finger-pounding game of 2018.

ATTENTION! You can download and play Vote Blitz! for free, but certain in-game items can be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this function, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Please keep in mind that, in accordance with the User Agreement, only users who are 3 or older can download and play Vote Blitz! Please also note that our everyday game Vote Blitz does not collect users' personal data because we already know everything about you. Just kidding! We actually value your privacy.

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